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Carolina West Wireless is currently conducting an update to our voicemail system.  Customers should not experience any voicemail usage issues during this update.  However, there are a few system changes to be aware of.
Saved Voicemails - There will be a 24 hour period during this update where access to archived voicemails is temporarily unavailable.  Once the update process is complete, archived voicemails will be accessible again.
Voicemail Key Prompts – The updated voicemail system will have new key prompts for advancing through the voicemail system.  Listen carefully to the new prompts before making your key prompt selections.  For a printable / downloadable menu of new voicemail prompts, click here.
Voicemail Greetings – Your primary voicemail greeting will be retained with the system update.  Any additional greetings will not be retained and will need to be re-recorded.
If you need more information or have questions about this voicemail update, contact Customer Care via email, chat or by dialing 611 from your mobile device. 
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