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Enjoy the latest in technology with FLEX. This installment payment program allows you the flexibility of easy payments on your device for 36 months and the flexibility to upgrade as soon as only 12 months. It’s a nice alternative to up front device pricing and 2 year contracts.



What FLEX gives you…


Flexible Payments

The cost of your device is spread over 36 months and will appear on your billing statement.

Saves You Money

$0 Down plus save up to $25 on monthly line access per device on the Ultra Freedom Share Plans.

Faster Upgrades

Upgrade earlier - as soon as 12 months to get the latest technology available.

No Service Contracts

With FLEX, there is no 2 year service agreement required.



FLEX Means more Savings on Ultra Freedom Plans


Purchase a smartphone with FLEX and get exclusive savings on your wireless plan. Save $15 per month on your device access with data plans up to 10GB. Save $25 per month on your device access with data plans 10GB and over.