Wireless Emergency Alerts On Your Carolina West Wireless Cellphone or Smartphone



(Commercial Mobile Alert Service)

Carolina West Wireless has chosen to offer wireless emergency alerts, including enhanced geo-targeting, within portions of its service area, as defined by the terms and conditions of its service agreement, on wireless emergency alert capable devices. There is no additional charge for these wireless emergency alerts.
Wireless emergency alerts, including enhanced geo-targeting, may not be available on all devices or in the entire service area, or if a subscriber is outside of the Carolina West Wireless service area. For details on the availability of this service and wireless emergency alert capable devices, please ask a sales representative.
Notice required by FCC Rule 47 CFR 10.240 (Commercial Mobile Alert Service).
Wireless emergency alerts are currently available throughout Carolina West Wireless's service area. However, alerts may not be received by all wireless devices. When selecting a device, check its specifications or ask a company representative about the capability of the device to receive wireless emergency alerts.

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